Nail Salon

If you are going to do your hair, you might as well get your nails done. The Hair Studio not only does hair but also functions as a nail salon. Becky Stanton, the owner of the salon, has been doing hair for a long time now and only recently went out on her own, opening the salon in the year 2016. Located ideally for people living in Greenfield, Orange, Turner Falls and Northampton, MA, to go to with ease, it is the place to get some hair color and get all prettied up.

Excellence is not just a cliché with Becky. She strives towards it every day and her stylists have followed her footsteps. Even though she has been doing this a long time, she and her team still make sure to attend a wide variety of classes that help them enhance their skills and become better every day. This continuous training is the key to the high level of excellence you will experience when you go to the salon for your nails, waxing, hair color, a haircut and more.

If you live in Greenfield, Orange, Turner Falls and Northampton, MA, you have a great opportunity to have your hair and nails done at one of the best hair studios in town. Check out their website to find out what else they do and then get in touch to book your appointment. You will definitely be glad you did.